Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh yeah! About that hunting outfit...

So I'm going through my email this morning, and what do I rescue from the spam filter but this important message from Cabela's. The subject line: Summer Sale: Women's Clothing @

Woo hoo! I'm there!

But I know what's going to happen when I click on it. I get this image you see here. Do you see any camo here? No. This is the kind of stuff Mark buys for Jody to appease her after spending too much money on huntin' stuff for himself. This is not hunting clothing!

That's OK, though - you know I've got my cadre of women's hunting clothing companies. Just yesterday I got an email from my girl Kirstie over at Prois Hunting Apparel. Kirstie's the new kid on the block, and her first TV commercial is about to air on the Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, WildTV, Versus and MavTV.

We've all seen a million huntin' stuff commercials, but I have to say it's pretty cool seeing one where the women you see are hunting, not just accessories for their husbands.

All this, of course, made me feel guilty. If I have a successful hunt in clothing I've gotten from these companies, I usually write about it and send a picture off to the company. I recently had a successful hunt in Prois clothing - my first wild pig hunt - but 1) I was so obsessed with my bad shot that I didn't mention the clothing in my blog and 2) I didn't get a photo.

So, belatedly, the performance review!

Prois Ultra Long Sleeve T

I wrote about this T when I got it in the mail a while back, but before my pig hunt, the only test I'd given it was going for a run - which is appropriate, because it's made from the same lightweight, wicking fabric that runners wear.

When I went pig hunting earlier this month, though, I wore this shirt in four outings over about 38 hours. It was virtually perfect - a little thin in the chilly sunrise and sunset hours, but very cool and comfortable in the blazing sun. I was able to keep my skin covered without feeling the least bit uncomfortable.

In fact, once the shirt was on, I never thought about it, which is EXACTLY how you want your hunting clothing to work. If you're thinking about it, there's a problem.

Prois Fitted Pants:

I've put these pants through several tests now: basic outdoors testing when I reviewed women's hunting pants for Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors, turkey hunting with friends in arid Amador County (no bird!) and finally this pig hunt earlier this month.

I could've worn any pants on the pig hunt - they didn't need to be camo - but I chose these because the fabric is breathable and the pants have pleated knees, which keeps them from binding your kneecaps when you squat or kneel.

Those two aspects of the pants functioned perfectly on this hunt. The pants were plenty warm in the chill hours, and quite cool and comfortable when the sun started beating on us. They were comfortable whether I was walking, running or sitting. The cargo pockets with magnetic closures also worked well - the flaps held tight, and I didn't have to worry about losing anything from my pockets.

The only problem I had with the pants was foxtails. We were hunting in fields loaded with foxtail grass, and those pernicious little seed missiles - which can wreak havok in dogs' ears, paws and tails - worked their way right through these pants.

In three other outings in these pants, I hadn't had this problem, so I'm not sure if there were just more foxtails at this location than the others, or if this was the time of year when foxtails are at their worst. And because I didn't bring any other hunting pants with me on this trip, I couldn't assess whether the others would have performed better.

Upshot? If I know I'm going to be tromping through foxtails in the future, I'll probably choose brush pants. But I wouldn't hesitate to wear these pants under any other circumstances, or to recommend them to a friend.

Now, here's the sneak preview of Kirstie's commercial. She's the blonde huntress in the lead. To read her blog on the hair-raising filming of this commercial, click here.

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Tom Sorenson said...

That was an awesome commercial - I love the "Life is not a noun, it's a verb" This is something my wife would love. She's often commented on her disappointment that the big department hunting stores don't carry much stuff for women - Looks like I'll be paying Prois a visit.

SimplyOutdoors said...

That commercial was cool. I'm going to direct my wife to her site and store as well.

Blessed said...

Great commercial - I'm so glad that there are getting to be choices for us women hunters - oh, and that I can get a shirt that fits right without having to cut the sleeves off and hem them up!

Native said...

Hi Holly,
I remember when Gortex first hit the scene and I bought a super light pair of Rocky's complete with camo designed cordura shell,thinsulate and all the bells and whistles that came along with them.
Went on an Archery Sheep hunt on Santa Cruz Island and it urinated rain upon us for the whole weekend.
I loved the boots up until a 3" thorn rammed itself through those boots and broke off into my right big toe and remained there for several days until I had to perform self surgery to remove it.

I have tried nearly "all" of the new clothing and underwear and boots which have hit the market since then and ultimately found myself right back to leather boots with gortex lining and blue jeans along with appropriately colored cotton shirts and now, Smart Wool outer socks along with thin white inner socks to prevent blisters when I hike for any distances (always double sock your feet!). I use Tide Free laundry detergent which is free of any U.V. dyes and perfumes.
You would be amazed at how many people come out to hunt with all of the latest, greatest gadgets and gear and will still wash their hunting clothing in perfumed and U.V. brightened detergents.

I am still open to trying new products but the old standards just keep on working and outlasting all the new stuff which is currently out there.

The foxtails and foxtail type of seed and grain is found "everywhere" here in California and my advise to anyone hunting this beautiful state, is to buy boots with folding inner tongue and layer your clothing to prevent chilly winds and Foxtails from making their way to your skin.

Just some advise from an old fart that's walked around the block a time or two.

NorCal Cazadora said...

If anyone's interested, you can check out Kirstie's blog she just posted on the filming of that commercial - it sounds like it was insane. Click here.