Tuesday, December 25, 2007

True love - an awesome Christmas present

My boyfriend must love me a lot! Exhibit A:

And in case you didn't catch the detail...

That there is a fine Buck skinning knife, with my own personal name engraved on it. The Buck folks just happened to be at our local hunting store, Wild Sports, the day the boyfriend went to buy this for me, so he got it engraved on the spot. They thought it was pretty cool that he was getting it for a chick.

My Swiss Army knife has now moved to its proper place in my purse, where it's available to open wine in an emergency, and the Buck knife has taken its place in my hunting pack. I hope to inaugurate it on a wild boar hunt in March. In the meantime, though, I can use it in self-defense if I'm attacked by a rabid duck. Hey, you never know...

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Editor said...

bring it when you come see me in the spring.

Anonymous said...

NICE! Knives are the new pink, they say...I want to see too!
My lamb-butchering hubby got me some snowshoes... guess our men both want us to get out (side)!

The Hunter's Wife said...

It seems to be the perfect gift for you.

Holly Heyser said...

Yep, I'm pretty excited. I've always loved knives. Carried a pocket knife as soon as my parents would let me. Now I just want some go-go boots so I can have a picture like the Hunter's Wife's.

And hey, Flann, work on that husband of yours to get you a gun so you can come hunting with me. You totally know you want to wear camo and hang out in a marsh. Good times!

Just tell him that real men get their wives guns. It's the ultimate act of faith. It'd make a great first anniversary present, which if I'm not mistaken would be just in time for next year's duck season.

Albert A Rasch said...


That's a thoughtful gift! And it's awful nice that you're excited enough to let us all see it. Nice for your boyfriend, that is, that you're putting it here for everyone.

Does that make sense?


Holly Heyser said...

Yep, it sure does! Thanks!