Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Women's Outdoor News debuts

Babe in the woods?

No, BABBS in the woods!

Women who love the outdoors have a new online resource today: Barbara Baird's Women's Outdoor News. The website features news, gear information, event notices, feature stories and Baird's weekly column, Babbs in the Woods. You can visit the site on your own, or sign up for a twice-weekly email that brings the news to you.

What will you find there now? A column about the record catfish caught with a Barbie fishing rod, news about an 11-year-old huntress interning with a marketing agency and details about SHE Safari's new Elite Series line of hunting clothing, among others.

Though her website is new, Baird is no babe in the woods. She's an NRA pistol instructor and a pro staffer for Prois Hunting Apparel. She's written for Fly Fisherman, America’s 1st Freedom, Turkey Call, Women in the Outdoors, Shot Business and others. Most recently, she was with the Women's Outdoor Wire.

"I started this site because I have a PASSION for all things outdoors, for things that make you stretch your mind and some major muscle groups and above all, skills and activities that have to be enjoyed outdoors," she told me this morning. Like most of us online outdoorsfolk, her goal is to inform, entertain and get even more people into the outdoors.

Sounds good to me!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new venture, I hope it goes well.

Blessed said...

Thanks for telling us about yet another resource!