Friday, February 6, 2009

Unlikely duck hunter: Jerry Brown?

Wow. First Hillary Clinton, now Jerry Brown.

Yes, California's own Jerry Brown - a.k.a. Gov. Moonbeam - says he once went duck hunting with the late Chief Justice Earl Warren. He made this announcement on Facebook, where he has apparently succumbed to the tyranny of the "25 Random Things" meme. (Yes, folks, I am a meme hater.)

The L.A. Times did a piece about the Facebook post today - click here to see the Times piece. And for your weird coincidence of the day, the photo the Times used for the story was snapped by my friend Bob, whom I mentioned Thursday as being the guy who tipped me off to the Swamp Witches story.

So here's what Brown said:

13. I’ve been duck hunting with Chief Justice Warren, but not with Vice President Cheney.

There's really not much more to it than that ... except for item No. 11:

11. I am a part owner of a ranch in Colusa County. It belonged to my Great-grandfather.

For those not lucky enough to live in NorCal, I can tell you that Colusa County is totally sweet duck hunting country. If I had a ranch there, I would never, ever go to work during duck season.

So there's your fun fact of the day.

This is - seriously - former Gov. Jerry Brown's gubernatorial portrait that hangs in the state Capitol. It's a favorite stop on guided tours. It's on his "25 Random Things" list too: 6. My official portrait as Governor was quite controversial and the legislature refused to hang it. My Father said if I didn’t get a new one, I could never run again. It is now hanging and I am still running. He is California's attorney general now, and is expected to run for governor again when Arnold Schwarzenegger's term expires.

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Josh said...

I would love to see THIS as a great debate format for us vs. PETA.

This is something to scream to the rafters, and get a bunch of liberal folks to more publicly proclaim:

You know, I've always wanted to try hunting.

Holly Heyser said...

I'd LOVE to hear more about this. It had to be when Jerry Brown was young. Earl Warren (also a former Cali governor) was 47 years his senior. And Jerry Brown's dad Edmund (also a former Cali governor) was a duck hunter. So I wouldn't be surprised if this is something left behind with childhood.

But, there's one more random thing...

1. I got my first dog 13 years ago, a black Lab named Dharma.

Anonymous said...

haha. you said "gubernatorial".

Holly Heyser said...

Yes, Matt, it's one of my favorite words - just a few syllables that made my job as a politics reporter so rewarding.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the 38.

SimplyOutdoors said...

One time I went with my wife to Micheal's. Does that now mean I am a scrapbooker?

Just wondering!