Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Team Huntress secret formula: Guns + Archery + Massages = Happy Women

Hey folks, if you were bummed out to have missed the fun at June's Team Huntress Outdoor Adventure Clinic, now's your second chance to get in on it.

Jane Keller is organizing another women's clinic that combines outdoor instruction with the ridiculous pampering that even a hardass tomboy like myself can't resist. (Yeah, you shoulda seen me when we came back from an afternoon of skeet, my feet baking in my boots, and I saw three women wearing spa aprons ready to give us some luxurious foot massages. I would've shoved Mike Tyson out of my way to get to that). Read more...
The Team Huntress clinic will be held Aug. 21-23 at Pheasant Phun in Hitchcock, South Dakota. For $995, you get the best of both worlds that outdoorswomen inhabit - archery and firearms instruction with tons of spa treatments and tons of cool gifts that you find someone has left on your bed each night (seriously, I came home last time with some great swag from Prois, RealTree, Doeville and Tanka Bar).

Unfortunately, I can't be at this one - the date is too close to the resumption of classes where I teach. But I know a lot of the folks who will be there, and frankly, I'm a little jealous about the fun they're going to have without me. Wah.

If you want to know more about how these events work, click here, where I wrote about it in more detail back in June. I'll just add this today: A Team Huntress weekend would be a great gift for a woman who'd like to learn more about the outdoors, but somehow gets left behind when the guys are all out doing their thing. Just a thought, guys...

For more information, you can get in contact with Jane Keller by clicking here.

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native said...

Being treated like that would certainly make me a happy man as well!

We guys wouldn't shun some extra special treatment every once in awhile, at least not me anyway :-)

Who knows, it might cause me to be a little less grumpy! ;-)'

NorCal Cazadora said...

Love the photo, Native!

We don't really have a culture of male pampering here, though, do we? In other cultures, men spending a day at the sauna getting massages seems common, but not here.

Maybe Jane's brother Dave needs to do a guy outing. But I think he'll need a word other than "pampering" to get guys to buy in...