Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tweetweek: Urban dove hunting, dead deer in strange places, celebrity chick hunters and a hilarious ad

Not a slave to Twitter? No problem - here's what I've been tweeting about lately:

Urban hunting? A new state law in Arizona allows hunting within municipalities.

Wow. The second I read this, I thought about all the legal game I've seen in my yard: doves, squirrels, pigeons, even a random pheasant. And I actually saw a wild turkey in the neighborhood last week!

But I'm pretty sure back-yard hunting isn't what Arizona Game and Fish had in mind.

"We plan to take a prudent and thoughtful approach when implementing these new authorities," said Game and Fish Deputy Director Gary Hovatter. "Our intent is to strike a balance between increasing hunting opportunities on open uninhabited lands within municipalities while doing our best to minimize potential or even perceived conflicts, where practical."

A regulation prohibiting shooting game within a quarter mile of an occupied residence still applies.

The new law that allows municipal hunting, SB 1334, works by prohibiting municipalities from enacting regulations limiting lawful hunting. We have the same discussion here in California every year, but the bill is a harder sell in California. Wah!

Deadly fence: Mike Hanback blogged last week about two deer in one week dying trying to get through an iron fence.

At first I couldn't figure out why the doe you see here died so quickly - you see lots of stories about animals getting stuck in fences for days and being successfully liberated. Then I looked more carefully at the fence: Looks like she was impaled trying to make the crossing. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

I'd have to say there's a problem with the fence, and someone needs to get a clue and address it.

Continuing the dead-deer theme... Chad Love blogged on F&S recently about a dead fawn found dangling from a POWER LINE.


OK, this one isn't the power line's fault. The theory is that an eagle killed the fawn, but wasn't able to fly very far with it. Personally, I'm surprised an eagle could get off the ground with a fawn, but there may not be a better theory.

Nice suit! I can't put the whole photo here because it's copyrighted. All I can say is you Really need to click here to check out the Realtree vest, jacket and hat one of my Twitter friends, @IanHarford, had custom made for himself.

Celebrity chick hunters: Usually we hear about Hollywood celebs siding with PETA, but here's a list of 12 female celebrities who hunt.

What was really funny to me was that I didn't recognize half of these women. Ha! Not surprising - all I watch on television is food shows, science shows and hunting shows.

Humans as prey: I love, love, love this Snickers ad, because it seems only fair to think of ourselves as prey, not just predators. Hilarious!

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Ryan Sabalow said...

My colleague Dylan did a story last summer on gates killing local deer (and impaling one local grandmother).


Gary Thompson said...

I've been to AZ and seen the dove infestation. The heard could use some trimming! Wow, sign me up!

Josh said...

What an interesting week! As for the eagle story, I wasn't surprised, except to learn that it was a bald eagle instead of a golden. Look at this pic. for what I mean:

Then, there's Steven Bodio's blog, which talks a lot about eagles. Here's a good take on eagles from Darren Naish's site, via Mr. Bodio site:

Pretty awesome creatures.

Phillip said...

I absolutely love the Snickers commercial. Kat couldn't figure out what I was giggling about the other evening... had to back up and show her.

I'm fairly certain that deer in the fence picture (or one just like it) has been around a while. Kinda trippy picture, though...

NorCal Cazadora said...

Ryan, what a sad story! Down with spike fences, man. If they're not good enough to keep out the most dangerous animal - man - they shouldn't have ornaments that kill.

Josh, my thoughts exactly on bald vs. golden. (And it really wasn't a week's worth of tweets - more like a month. I just refuse to post on a schedule when I have nothing to say.)

Phillip: Love the YouTube version because it's full-length. Most that I see on TV are abbreviated. As for the deer pic, sounds like these impalings are so common that it may actually be a new shot.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Oh yeah, Gary! Don't I wish I could go help out in Arizona too! :-)

Hil said...

I know I'm being all judgey-judgey and stereotyping and judging a book by its cover and all that, but I always have SUCH a hard time picturing Eva Longoria hunting.

NorCal Cazadora said...

LOL, I know. But hot girls can hunt too :-) The question, though, is does she hunt without makeup, and would she ever let anyone take her picture doing so?

Luisa said...

Another eagle leaves a bobcat on a wire.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Wow, that's right out of a Predator movie!