Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My pedigree as a huntress

One of the reasons I took up hunting so late in life is that no one around me hunted when I was a kid. I didn't have any role models in the sport.

But my dad grew up hunting, and now I get to read about it all the time: My uncle has started a blog in which he writes plenty of stories about the exploits of my dad and his sisters in the Paiute Mountains of Southern California during the Depression.

Right now, the focus seems to be on snakes - the time when my dad and his sisters brought a rattler in the cabin for Grandma to cook (she was not amused), and the time my aunt and my dad brought home a whole bag of snakes for Grandma (again, not amused).

Check it out! You'll learn a lot about my sensibilities reading about my my late father, Fritz.


Anonymous said...

Cool site! I've added him to my blogroll.

I love stories like he's telling.

Holly Heyser said...

Me too! Makes me happy to hear about the crazy things my dad did.

My uncle's quite a storyteller, too. His family moved out of state, so I don't get to see them much anymore, but I really like being able to at least visit the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe you can help him set up his site so non-Google Bloggers can leave comments?

Wanted to leave a him a note to let him know how much I enjoyed his posts.

Marian Ann Love said...

That's nice that your uncle has started a blog about you Dad. Will also add to my blogroll. Thanks for you and your uncle sharing...

Anonymous said...

I wish blogs had been around when my grandmother was still mentally capable enough to write one. She had great stories to tell, and it would have been such a treasure to have now.

I think it is great that your uncle is doing this. Although I'm not fond of snake stories. If anyone ever brought me a bag of snakes to cook, even if they were dead, you'd hear me screaming for miles and miles.