Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The pink huntress speaks!

So I was grading papers the other morning when my phone rang, and who's on the other end of the line but Keli Van Cleave - the high priestess of pink camo. And she had a challenge for me.

I wrote about Van Cleave last week after the Denver Post did a story about her penchant for pink camo. It may sound weird, she told The Post, "but it works because animals are colorblind. Camo is just a breakup."

My response was, "I'm guessing she's not a waterfowler - ducks see colors perfectly well."

It's true: Van Cleave, a bowhunter who does demos at outdoors shows all over the country, is not a waterfowler. But in addition to hunting a lot of colorblind big game, she also hunts sharp-eyed turkeys, and she told me she's hunted them with pink camo gear just fine.

Then she challenged me to try duck hunting in pink camo.


I'd have to find a day when none of my hunting buddies could join me, because I'm pretty sure they'd tie me up in the back of my car to keep me from walking out into the marsh with them wearing even a shred of pink.

Hell, I don't even like pink.

But I like a challenge, and I like Van Cleave's spirit. She grew up as someone who learned to love hunting from her dad and pink from her mom, and she refuses to relinquish either. She's started a company called Pink Outdoors. She's offers a line of Pink Sonic broadheads through the American Broadhead Company. And she plans to unveil a collection of pink camo clothing later this year.

Van Cleave admits her target audience for the clothing is much more the hunters' wives and girlfriends than us huntresses. But she's adamant that it works. "I’m gonna prove that it can be done, and I’m going to do it in in a big way," she told me. "This hunting season is when I'll do it."

Ya gotta respect that.

Maybe I'll give it a try too.

Keli Van Cleave

© Holly A. Heyser 2008


Blessed said...

I like her spirit!

Anonymous said...

If you do wear the pink camo, I definitely want to see pictures.

You do have to admire her attitude. I hope her company does well.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure the ONLY person I'd be able to get to come with me would be someone aiming a camera, not a gun. And if I do it on public land, I will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN with the Fish & Game staff. So I hope Keli's right!

Phillip said...

Oh, I've GOTTA see this one!

I want video rights! Have camera, will travel!

Windyridge said...

We were in Gander Mountain the other day and they now have pink pisotls and pink compound bows. Oh and there was a pink shotgun there too..

NorCal Cazadora said...

If the pink bow is an Alpine bow, that may be Keli's - I know she's got bows in the works too.

And Phillip, how much are you willing to pay for video rights? I need to consider all my options here before giving away the farm.

deerslayer said...

Everyone has their own way of doing things and if pink works for her then who are we to try to stop her. I'll have to check into the pink broadheads and hope her line of clothing goes well for her.

Jeff said...

I wouldn't worry about hunting in pink... Just get yourself some of the UV killer from ATSCO.com. That will kill the glow that comes from the brighteners the clothing companies use in their products. That is usually what most animals and birds see anyway.
Enjoyed your site!

HELLEK said...

If you don't want to wear the pink, I will. Tho, I wonder if you'll still take me out with you...

NorCal Cazadora said...

TWO hunters in pink - even better! Keli will love that ...