Monday, March 3, 2008

Doves and the latest "anti" nonsense

The Humane Society has been pushing a bill to ban dove hunting in Minnesota, but the bill ain't goin' anywhere: It died in a House committee today.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune did a short write-up on the bill tonight, and here's my favorite line:

"Howard Goldman of the Humane Society of the United States, which opposes dove hunting, said doves, which are small birds, have 'no food value.' "

Mr. Goldman, do you see the picture here? That's not a fig leaf on a turkey; it's a cilantro leaf on a delicious little roasted dove served over a bed of farro with a sauce of saba (boiled down grapes). Go ahead, Mr. Goldman, click to enlarge. But you might want to wait until you're alone - wouldn't want anyone to see you salivate.


There's an op-ed in the Winona (Minn.) Daily News today by the Minnesota/Wisconsin state director of the HSUS. Click here to read it, if you enjoy being irritated by propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

Dove hunting got banned in Michigan partly because of that argument. Those against dove hunting claimed that doves weren't good to eat.

Of course the other half of the problem was that Michigan hunters didn't mobilize or band together to fight the proposal and defeat it. Hopefully we learned a lesson from that one.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Well, Minnesota was the first state in the nation to pass a constitutional amendment preserving the right to hunt and fish, so if Minnesotan's can't protect their hunting heritage, no one can.

Just found an op-ed piece in a local Minnesota paper that's pretty irritating - I'll add a link to this post shortly.

Blessed said...

Dove - one of my other favorite meats! Glad to hear the Minnesota bill died this time.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

No food value indeed. Feh. HSUS hasn't always been this crazy; wonder what has happened to them?

And thanks for linking to my yummy doves! Mmmm...yummy doves...we still have a few in the freezer, I think.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Dangit, you busted me. I was hoping everyone would think I'd cooked that tasty dove. Oh well. At least I got to eat it!

Windyridge said...

A lot of people do not realize that the HSUS is really a more peaceful and disguised arm of PETA.