Friday, May 23, 2008

Fantastic video on Crazy Jim's first deer

If you ever look at the right column on this website, you may have noticed a recent addition to my blogroll, a video blog called Hunting with Jim.

For the most part, these guys do a lot of crazy, irreverent stuff - Outdoor Channel meets South Park. I usually giggle a lot when I watch their videos.

But today, they brought tears to my eyes with Jim's story of his first deer.

Maybe there are hunters out there who kill with glee, but I'm not so sure that image isn't just a device used by antis to generate opposition to what we do. Regardless, hat's off to Jim for candidly discussing it, and explaining why, if it's such a difficult thing, he still hunts.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

That was a great video. Probably thee best one that he has done. Thanks for pointing me to it.