Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daryl, Michael, the Old Man and the Pig

Some people on this earth are just flat-out boring.

Michael Riddle is not one of them - crazy things happen to him all the time.

I met Riddle in June at his Native Hunt game ranch in Monterey County - the place where I got my first pig ever. Since then, I've been back a few times, most recently for an enormous dove-hunting fest on Labor Day weekend.

I've heard a lot of tales about Riddle's exploits, but none has been better told than the story of Daryl, Michael, the Old Man and the Pig.

It was the Saturday night before Labor Day, and none of the regular guests had arrived - it was just Michael, Boyfriend and I (who were there to feed the crowds) and a few of Michael's guides and their kids. We'd done a little eating, and a little drinking, and a little more drinking, and that's when one of the guides - Daryl - started telling stories.

I don't have video of this amazing tale, but I do have audio.

The quality's rough because I was using a brand-new recorder whose controls I hadn't mastered yet.

But if you have 5 minutes to spare, this is a story well worth listening to. It'd be even better if you could see the antics that went with it, but Daryl is such a gifted storyteller - part Bobcat Goldthwaite, part I don't know what - that you really don't need images. I've listened to this 20 times tonight and it makes me laugh every time.

Just be warned: It is graphic in spots (but you wouldn't be reading this blog if you couldn't handle that), and pee-your-pants funny.


© Holly A. Heyser 2008


Native said...

Funny stuff Holly go lightly!
Daryl most certainly is a flamboyant storyteller and could even get the Pope himself to bust a gut string.

The one thing which he forgot to mention was how that Boar hooked me by the pants leg,flipped me up in the air, and gave me a cut up the calf of my right leg thus nearly ripping my pants off my body.

That is what made me so angry and why I placed a couple more 44 rounds in him myself. That was a brand new pair of Levi's!

NorCal Cazadora said...

I think he actually did mention that later in the recording - I'm just not a good enough audio editor to cut out a couple minutes of extraneous material and patch it together seamlessly.

Of course, I also remember a story that night about Daryl taking out his newly detailed truck with you and having something dreadful happen to it.

That's what I'm talkin' about, though - no boring here!

Native said...

Thank you Holly, for posting this and reminding me of the "ROOTS" from where I began to where I now am today!

Ol' Daryl and myself have seen some very "hard" and quite exciting times over the past 18 years' and listening to this audio has made me feel quite humble and privileged to have been involved with those early escapades.

Good times and fond memories!!!!!