Sunday, September 28, 2008

This didn't take long: the "SarahCuda" bow

Holy cow, it's been just four weeks since moose huntress Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket for president, and she already has a hunting product named after her.

Lakota Industries announced a new pink camo bow on Saturday: the Sarah Cuda. It's got a draw length designed to accommodate female proportions (25 to 31 inches), and 10 percent of profits on the bow will be donated to the National Association for Down Syndrome and other Down Syndrome organizations.

Lakota CEO Dick Williamson said his company designed the bow to honor Palin's "historic achievement," and "to pay tribute to all the women who bear the responsibility of family and work while strengthening the moral fiber of society."

Hmmmm. That's tying a lot of politics and religion into one neat little bow - not something you usually see with a hunting product.

I think it's a good guess that hunters in America are predominantly conservative and predominantly Christian of one denomination or other, so that's probably a safe marketing message.

But I also know a fair number of hunters who are liberals and/or not particularly fond of evangelical churches like Palin's. Now this has got me wondering: What the numbers are on that?

Sounds like Cazadora's about to go hunting for some more data...

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Interesting. I didn't think she would get a hunting product named in her honor. I like Governor Palin and all, but I really didn't see that one coming.

That should be an interesting data set. Hopefully you post it for all of us to enjoy.

Native said...

Hi Holly!
My wife Sylvia is a registered Democrat and does not like or trust Sara Palin.
I myself am a registered Republican and I will climb on board holding the McCain / Palin ticket in my hand.

We will still be in love with each other when all is said and done which ever way the vote goes!

It just goes to show you that Liberals and Democrats "can" get along when the future of this country and our children are the main concerns.

That bow coming out is a little pre-emptive and arrogant as well as a risky marketing move which I personally would not embark upon but, if McCain and Palin do not win I guess these bows would turn into collectors items like "Billy Beer" did after Billy Carters brother left the presidency.

That beer I remember as tasting awful! I hope the Sara Cuda Bow proves to be a good one and will work properly in the field.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Simply, I've already started the search for that data, and you know I wouldn't be able to resist posting about it.

And Native, you're right on the collector's item value. And on getting along. Boyfriend and I not only have friends of all political stripes, but many of them are party or political activists, so their feelings on politics are pretty strong. But when they all get together for parties at our house, everyone gets along just fine.

Josh said...

The beauty of America...

Tom Sorenson said...

Not that I know much about marketing, but it would seem to me, I'd want to market to as many people as I can...which is why I think it is incredibly stupid for musicians, actors or anyone like that to get political - unless you are so famous you don't really care one way or the other about losing a few fans. On the other hand - I'd imagine this will appeal to the BULK of the hunting population, and that isn't all that bad a marketing strategy either.

Native said...

A good example of Great Marketing of a Bad Product would be, Volkswagon, The Thing!

A good example of Bad Marketing of a Good Product would be some of those Quizno Sandwich commercials!

Everyone bought The Thing and later hated them and sold them off or even "gave" them away. And the Quizno Sandwich is a good tasting meal but the company is nearing bankruptcy.

I am with you about Actors and Musicians staying out of politics mainly because most of them are terribly misinformed, and can be easily misled.
I also understand the attempt to broaden your target market by producing a product with appeal to a wider range of consumer.
I will be eagerly awaiting the results of the LAKOTA bow because it is a new product to me and I am curious.
But, you won't see me running out to buy one until I hear some feedback on it!

Ken said...

Has anyone actually tried this bow to see if it worked?


NorCal Cazadora said...

Oh no, that's not a foreign policy joke, is it? ;-)

Seriously though, it just came out this weekend, so who knows. I have not ordered one though - I have enough on my plate! And plus, Keli Van Cleave would be jealous if I got someone else's pink bow before I got hers.

Terry Scoville said...

Seems to me that Lakota may have jumped just a bit to soon. " I want to use one of my lifelines, what do you mean I don't have any?" Uummm,
I am not a fan of politics and am tired of being lied to. Maybe Lakota is just looking for a quick bump in sales. This one may bite back!

Jesses Hunting And Outdoors said...

Doonsebury is running some strips on the Palin Action Figure doll. Good for a giggle or two.

Whatever hooks women into hunting is fine by me as long as it's above board. Many of the bows today are knockoffs of other companies so you really can't go wrong on making a wheelie bow.

The SNL skit skewering Sarah and Hillary was some of the best comedy I've seen in a long time. Tina Fay absolutley nailed Sarah.

Ack, enough politics, there goes my BP again.

NorCal Cazadora said...

I'm still looking for that data, but US News & World Report had an article yesterday about how Barack needs to court the Cabela's vote, and noted how successful that tack was for former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (and I know the author's right - I was there for that election). It's an interesting read.