Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Up for auction: Smilin' gadwall feathers photo

Hey, NorCal duck hunters! If you'd like to get a chance to buy a custom-framed, signed copy of my smilin' gadwall feather photo, it will be up for auction Thursday March 10 (tomorrow!) at the annual California Waterfowl Guns & Hoses Dinner in Sacramento.

If you're not local, you can always buy my duck feather prints on my other website,

In fact, I have a couple neat new additions since I last blogged about the feather photos.

One is a positively electric shot of late-season spoonie plumage that highlights a stunning blue (and a bit of iridescent green).

The other is a really unusual presentation of the wigeon's most distinctive feather. (I'd be very interested to hear what you think of that one - it reminds me of something, but I don't want to plant the idea in your head.)

But the smilin' gadwall shot up for auction tomorrow is very dear to me because the proceeds will benefit California Waterfowl. Cal Waterfowl is a non-profit organization that puts enormous resources into creating, improving and preserving waterfowl habitat, as well as helping new hunters with training and licensing.

I spend ridiculous amounts of money (for my budget, anyway) at Cal Waterfowl dinners because I know the money goes to a great cause. And I'm really excited that tomorrow, Cal Waterfowl will not only get my cash, but someone else's cash for the photo I've donated. Win-win.

I hope to see you there!

Update: The smilin' gadwall feathers photo sold for $225 to ... our butcher, Manny Sol!

We also found out at this dinner that Manny is in a Cake video - wow! Check it out - you'll know which one is Manny.

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