Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Women's hunting pants review

At last, the women's hunting pants review I did for Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors has gone live! For a visual preview of the pants I reviewed from Filson, Foxy Huntress, Prois Hunting Apparel and SHE Safari, check out the slideshow below. For the full details - what I loved, what I didn't love and the very interesting things that come out of my mother's mouth from time to time when she's talking about my clothes - click here.

And sorry Mom, but it was funny!

If you like a little music with your slide show, click here to go to another version.

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Blessed said...

Hooray! There are options for us now! Really, it looks like everyone is making a decent pant for women so there should be something out there that would fit all of our various body styles. I love the Foxy Huntress camo pattern.

Anonymous said...

Very good information and I love your Mom's comments. It is very encouraging that there are some quality options out there for clothing for female hunters.