Friday, November 16, 2007

Cue the choir of angels

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe new Cabela's in Reno opens today, and there's a lot of salivating going on within a 200-mile radius.

The Sacramento Bee (my hometown paper) had a story about it yesterday, and at the end was the part I was looking for was near the end:

"We know that the fastest-growing hunting and fishing population is female, and we have clothing, for instance, actually made for women, not just made for undersize men and sold to women," (said Peter Marshall, a company spokesman).
I'm a huge skeptic, so I can't wait to get up there and see if this is for real. My experience so far has been like this:

  • Wild Sports, my local, independently owned store - my first choice for sporting goods because I like to shop locally - doesn't seem to have anything for women, and the store often doesn't even have smaller men's sizes. But they're really nice to me, so I get what I can there.

  • Sportsman's Warehouse, our new regional mega-sporting goods store, actually has a women's section. But whenever I'm looking for clothing there, God help me if I actually need help. (Gun department help is great; clothing department help is lame nine times out of ten.) Last time I needed something for a woman's body - a shooting shirt capable of holding a recoil pad on the left shoulder - all they had was extra large, and that ain't me. But if I want some camo panties - always helpful out in a duck blind - they had me covered.

  • Several catalogs - Cabela's, Orvis, Kevin's - have women's wear, but of course it's a limited selection, and I'm further limited by the fact that, like many women, I have to try things on to know if they'll actually fit. (Oh, how I envy my boyfriend when he picks up a pair of jeans and buys them without trying them on, utterly confident they'll fit.)

Now, in the interest of fairness, I know these stores can't offer equality in what they stock because women are a tiny minority of hunters. But if Cabela's in Reno - less than two hours from where I live - actually has a decent selection, in a variety of sizes, with a dressing room where I can make sure things fit, that store will be getting some of my hard-earned cash very soon.

What we really need for women is a high-tech solution, like some clothing lines have: We take key measurements and order custom garments over the Internet. Not that I'm rich, but I'd be happy to pay more for a specialized hunting garment that fits right than pay the going rate for something that doesn't work for me.


Anonymous said...

There are some companies that are designing hunting clothing especially for women.

She Safari is one:

There is also High Maintenance Camo, but their web site doesn't seem to be working.

Holly Heyser said...

Oh yeah, I've heard of them, but they haven't put a catalog in my mailbox yet... Did I forget to mention they must come to ME? Ha!