Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My gear

On the Duck Hunting Chat - one of my favorite places on the Internet to hang around this time of year - there's a women's forum where the most frequently asked questions are about gear made for women.

Ha! Good luck on that one. There is some specialized women's hunting clothing out there, but you usually have to order it from catalogs, and - surprise, surprise - unlike men, women often need to try stuff on. You know, one woman has skinny thighs and a huge rack (she's the one I hate) and the other has the opposite.

I've been just fine with men's gear, for the most part, and if you get the right men's gear, you'll find it meets many of a woman's special needs. And it should become very clear that I believe in the right gear - not that I'm rich or anything, but I say it's better to spend more on something that will last a long time than to buy fresh garbage every year.

Here are my picks. Just click on each one to enlarge it to a readable size.

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