Women's hunting clothing

Wearing men's hunting clothing sucks - it's not made for our dimensions, or for any of our curves.

But ladies, we have options.

Here's a list of companies I've come across that make women's hunting clothing. Click on the name to go to the company website; click on links below the name to see my reviews of the company's products. A "W" indicates the company is owned or run by a woman.

Can you recommend other companies to add? Let me know - click here.

-- Cabela's Cazadora Waders (no, the name is not a coincidence)

Danner boots

Foxy Huntress (W)
-- Predator jacket and pants - out-of-the-box review, one year later

Kenetrek boots

*Note: I am a member of the Prois Field Staff - click here for details.

    SHE Outdoor Apparel (W)
    -- Safari brush pants and shooting shirt - first review, one year later
    -- Upland vest - first review, one year later

    SportHill Hunting

    Trailfeathers (W)
    -- Double-fly pants and Trekker jacket - out-of-the-box reviewfield review, one year later

    Also, click here check out this very thorough women's hunting clothing review Hilary Dyer did for Whitetail Journal. It's a detailed look at clothing geared toward whitetail hunters, something I don't do, uh, at all here in Cali.

    Updated 2/12/2010