Sunday, March 23, 2008

Women's hunting clothing - the list

A friend asked me recently to name all the companies I knew of that are making women's hunting clothing, and as I compiled the list for her, I realized plenty of other women would be interested in seeing it too.

So here it is! If you see anything missing, please let me know, either in a comment below or by emailing me here. Feel free to share your comments on these companies' products, too - the more reviews, the better.

WOMEN'S HUNTING CLOTHING (updated 12/19/09)

(W) = companies run by women
(T) = clothing I've tested - click on the "T" for links to posts.

Bass Pro Shops
Cabela's (T)
Danner boots
Filson (T)
Foxy Huntress (W) (T)
Haley Vines (W)
High Maintenance Camo (W)
Irish Setter boots (T)
Kenetrek boots
Mossy Oak
Outdoor Woman (W)
Pink Outdoors-coming soon (W)
Prois Hunting Apparel (W) (T)
Scent Blocker (W)
SHE Outdoor Apparel (W) (T)
Trailfeathers (W) (T)

Also, click here check out this very thorough women's hunting clothing review Hilary Dyer did for Whitetail Journal. It's a detailed look at clothing geared toward whitetail hunters, something I don't do, uh, at all here in Cali.

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Blessed said...

Thanks for the list - I appreciate it!

Holly Heyser said...

Hey Blessed, didn't you say Drake makes some women's waders? I went looking on their site yesterday and coudln't find anything, but if they still have 'em, I'll add Drake to this list.

Blessed said...

No, Drake doesn't make anything specifically for women as far as I know - but everything they do make is awesome! I wish they would make stuff for women, I love my Drake coat but their wader pants just don't work for me - although my husband loves them and stays warm in them even when the windchill is below zero and he's out in the marsh busting ice to put the decoys out. I'm not even sure that Drake has any women on their pro-staff, they might now but when I looked before my little one was born they didn't.

Blessed said...

I just looked again and they have at least one female pro-team member, she's in Illinois and says that their stuff fits women just as good as it does men, I don't know - maybe they changed their styles some (I haven't tried anything on for a couple of years) or maybe she's built like a stick - who knows.... :)

Their coat does fit me just as well as any of the other coats I've tried on, but I'm broad shouldered and not overly busty so coats and shirts usually aren't an issue, it's the bottom half of me that is curvy and hard to fit!

Holly Heyser said...

Well, I have lots of men's gear that I love (like my Columbia waders), but I'm sure women's versions would be better.

The tough thing about waders for women is that the market is just too small - with 131,000 women waterfowlers nationwide, you'd have to be assured of a substantial share of the market to make it worthwhile, and without being able to distribute the product widely in stores, you'd probably lose sales to men's waders that women can buy in stores, rather than waiting for an online order.

Blessed said...

I have Cabelas brand of women's waders (neoprene, lots of thinsulate) and they fit better than the mens waders I used to have.

Anonymous said...

I was noticing that bass pro shop also offers women's hunting clothes.'s%20Hunting%20Clothes

Holly Heyser said...

Good call, Stacey - thanks! I've now added Bass Pro and Cabela's, which also has a house brand of women's clothing.

Anonymous said...

This site also has women's clothes.
its under camo, but there is only 2 or three things, but its still more selection! :)

Anonymous said...

here's another!

Holly Heyser said...

I think I'm going to stick to manufacturers on my list, and both of those appear to be stores. (Yes, Cabelas and Bass Pro are stores, but they have house brands).

But it's interesting: I checked out the camodiva site, and they're selling SHE Safari, but they don't identify it as such. Very odd...

Anyway, thanks again for scouting - I really appreciate the help!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for good chest and hip waders for waterfowl hunting in women's sizes for years. The only companies I can find that reliably have them are Cabela's and the Redhead (Bass Pro) brands. Maybe many women can wear the men's sizes, but I have a women's size 7 foot. I will never fit into any men's wader. I'm also continuously disappointed by the companies that are trying to specialize in women's hunting gear. I'm sick of pink! I don't want pink on my camo! Just give me some good quality hunting gear with the same cool features that the guys stuff has!

Holly Heyser said...

Anonymous, you're just in time - Cabela's new women's waders that my friend and I product tested should be coming out sometime next month - details about the waders here, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Cabela's waterfowl catalog - the waders will be featured there.

I hear you on pink. I usually hate it, though I recently got a cap in pink RealTree camo that I really like for some reason. I also hate, hate, hate camo teddies. Really, guys? That's not hunting clothing.

But plenty of these companies have serious stuff in standard camo and khaki or olive drab colors. Prois has sweet big-game gear - great technical fabrics and cuts. SHE Outdoors has the best women's upland clothes I've seen. Foxy Huntress has fantastic spring turkey apparel. Trailfeathers has really nice cold-weather clothing - thick fleece pants and hoodies.

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