Friday, February 29, 2008

Good news for California huntresses

Last month when I wrote about the First Lady of Waterfowling, Ellie Sharp, I mentioned that the California Waterfowl Association was starting a Women's Outdoor Connections initiative.

This week, I found out what exactly this group will be doing in the coming year: a women's shooting clinic in August, a photography contest this fall and one of the coolest things of all, a daddy-daughter dinner and dance sometime around Valentine's Day.

The reason I know about all this is that I have an inside source: me. I was invited to join the WOC committee earlier this month, so now I actually get to be involved in developing these programs. This of course means that I'm gonna be pretty biased about the virtue of the WOC initiative, but hello! What's not to love?

I think all three events will be fun, and I'll be involved one way or another in each of them. But I'm really excited about the daddy-daughter dinner in particular. Why? I've heard a lot in the hunting forums about dads (and granddads) taking their girls hunting, and I know that this represents the true future of women in hunting.

Plus, it will just be adorable seeing all those proud papas with their little huntresses.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you're getting involved. I also have to agree, the daddy-daughter dinner will be the cutest.

Blessed said...

You will be a benefit to the committee - have fun!