Sunday, February 3, 2008

SHOT Show Find No. 1: Pretty Duck Camo

Brian Frederick is a duck hunter from Louisiana, and back near the end of the last century, he was getting sick and tired of losing mallard hens. He didn't have a dog to fetch the birds for him, and you know how it goes: Once a hen makes it to cover, she becomes invisible.

Then it dawned on him: That's perfect camo!

So he and his wife started a company called Feather Flage, and now they make a line of clothing that uses natural feather patterns as camo.

I found these folks Saturday during my first foray into the SHOT Show, which is the gargantuan trade show of the hunting and firearms industry. I'm not exaggerating - there are about 40,000 people here in Las Vegas for the show.

I'm here with Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors, which added me to its ProStaff in December. My main mission is to find any new gear that's made for women hunters.

Now, Feather Flage is not made for women, but it did appeal to me for two reasons: One, I love beautiful fabric patterns. My mom is a textile artist, and her passion for lovely fabrics rubbed off on me. Two, I'm not a big fan of looking like everyone else, and this company makes some clothing that says "I'm a hunter" without saying, "I'm a typical hunter."

I left the company's exhibitor booth Saturday with a long-sleeved T-shirt that could be good for early-season duck hunting when - in California, at least - you don't need a jacket. The T-shirt fabric is thinner than I like, but the label promises "new fade-free dyes," so I'm going to put it through the washer quite a few times between now and the beginning of the next duck season ... in ... in ... in October ... oh, I could cry. Yeah, anyway, I'm going to check out the fade-free claim.

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of their products. I don't think the fish will be fooled by the fish shirt - but that's not the point, is it?

I don't care who you are - this is pretty!

I totally dig this shirt. After three-plus years back in California, I'm missing Minnesota white.

Check out the detail! It gives me flashbacks to that delightful snow goose-plucking marathon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of unusual fabrics and patterns as well. Those are pretty cool. I especially like the one with the feather pattern.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Oooh! Me likey the hen mallard pattern. Would make a cool shirt to wear under a blazer...

Anonymous said...

I know Brian Fredrick. He cuts my hair. I hunt with him a lot and i always wear feather flage.