Sunday, February 10, 2008

Speaking of gear for women

Having written a lot in the past week about women's hunting apparel, I was especially interested this morning to find a story out of Tuscaloosa about a woman who's designed a line of women's fishing apparel.

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The quote that stood out for me? “You can still look like a lady and bass fish,” (Dana) Beavers said. “It’s not about chewing tobacco and getting red worm dirt under your fingernails.”

Personally, I'm not a girlie girl, but I think it's really important for women who enjoy being ladylike to know that it's OK to look nice in the field (or in this case, on the water). You don't have to be a man, look like a man or act like a man to hunt or fish.

Where this really matters is with the kids. A lot of dads (and a few moms) are taking their daughters hunting these days, but I've heard stories of girls hitting puberty and pulling out of the field. Perhaps if they knew they could still be as girlie as they want, we wouldn't lose them at this stage of their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. She's very lucky. I also think her idea is great. Here's hoping it does well.