Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Huntress takes albino deer

The Wild WoodsWoman comments today on the recent news about a huntress in Minnesota killing an albino deer.

She makes an interesting point:

I don't blame her for doing it, but I don't think I could personally do it. I've read too any fiction stories where there's a mystical white animal that appears in the forest and has special powers!! It would be bad karma I think.
When I first saw this yesterday, I wondered aloud if I would've shot that deer. My boyfriend sagely noted, "Well if you hadn't, someone else would've, so you might as well."

I don't necessarily agree. Think I'd've rather shot this one with my camera, not my gun.

But I definitely don't agree with the somewhat hysterical blogger who ranted yesterday:

So this fat, ugly, smelly woman is proud of killing an albino deer. How sad her life must be. May be she’ll get lucky and some hunter shoots a bullet through her head. But…that’s not going to happen. Her head is too ugly to mount.
Lay off the caffeine, I say.

Click here for the original TV report. See the video below...


Marian said...

If I had been in the Minnesota's huntress shoes..I would have done the same thing and been proud and had it mounted...I don't believe in all the mystical stuff anyway. The hysterical blogger who ranted is part of going along with deer hunting. Not everyone will agree with what we do. I have had people come to my website and leave terrible comments also. I just delete it or ignored them.

Editor said...

Welcome! I have a pretty large group of women hunters linked to my site so come by and check them out. I wish you the very best of luck and you need to hookup with the Hog Guy and get after those California porkers too!

Anonymous said...

I never can understand how those who are anti-hunting can be appalled that someone killed an animal, but seem to be perfectly o.k. with someone killing a human.

How does that make any logical sense?

Windyridge said...

We have a small group of white deer but they are not albino. Check out my NY blog:

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman said...

Hi!! I just found your blog via FSHuntress. I've been neglecting mine lately in favor of hunting! Thanks for the mention - as soon as I get my butt in gear on my blog I'll link up to you. Blog to you later!