Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A pretty sight

Here's a photo from what's believed to be the first-ever women-only Pheasants Forever hunt, held in South Dakota on Saturday. Photo and story are by Berdette Zastrow in the Souix Falls, S.D., Argus Leader.

My favorite line out of the story:

There were moments when women said things the accompanying men didn't quite catch.

"Oh, deer," Aberdeen's Robin Matushin said as she made her way through a cornfield. "What's the matter? Do you have a problem?" asked the male dog handler nearest her. "No. Deer," Matushin repeated and pointed. A sheepish "oh" was all to be heard as the guy finally spotted the two does Matushin was looking at as they stood and looked at her.

But the other one that really struck me was this:
"I like to do things with other women," said Colleen Horeish of New Richmond, Wisc. "I have no chance to hunt with women, and I want to be with others to learn more about it."
Such a lonely thing to say! But I get it, totally. This summer, I got a chance to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend's sister, whom I'd met only briefly a few years earlier. Turns out she's recently taken up bowhunting, and I was immediately struck with how much I wanted to hunt with her, even though I don't bowhunt and she doesn't hunt with a gun. She lives in New Jersey and we're out here in California, but we're hoping she can come out and join us for waterfowling or wild boar hunting.

Makes me feel like a kid: Come play with me!

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

It's gotta be worth a trip, I've been to SD and any reason to go there is a good one. Stunning scenery, nice people, and supposedly the best pheasant hunting on the planet. Mount Rushmore isn't all that, but Crazy Horse (and it's museum) are amazing.