Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stats galore - hunters by gender, age, race, ethnicity and residence

Here are some cool charts and graphs from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey I mentioned in my last post. Turns out I'm in:

  • The minority, by gender, as a female
  • The plurality, by age, as a 42-year-old
  • A tie for third out of five education-level groups, as a four-year-degree holder (the percentage who are four-year-degree holders is the same as the percentage who didn't finish high school)
  • The vast majority by race - white
  • A confusing position as a big city-dweller, living in a population 1 million-plus "metropolitan statistical area." We constitute the second-largest group of hunters, but that's by virtue of how many city-dwellers there are. In terms of the percentage of the population that hunts, big cities have the lowest.
  • The .... oh, hell, I'm not gonna talk about my income.

Check out the charts below - taken straight from the report - and see where you fit!

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Windyridge said...

Hi I am a 48 year old women who started hunting about 6 years ago. I bow and gun hunt. I also hunt pheasant. I got stated because my husband did when we moved here 14 years ago and my kids are also into it altho' not so much with the 15 year old. This Saturday is opening day for gun/rifle. I also hav a 4 year degree so we ahev a lot in common. I have three blogs. Stop on over. I will check back here often!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog going and hopefully with get lots of women traffic. I do not hunt, I just make fun of my hunting husband's ways.

Holly Heyser said...

Thanks, to both of you!

Jody, that's been the hard part of taking up the gun. Now instead of laughing at my boyfriend, I have to laugh at myself.

Not a bad way to live, actually!