Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Sometimes when I prattle on about wishing more women would hunt, I'm struck with guilt. It's easy for me - I don't have kids. When the boyfriend and I get up and book out of the house at 4 a.m., all we leave behind is two yowling cats. They don't even yowl because we shut them up with big bowls of yummy cat food.

Here's a story from the Leelanau (Michigan) Enterprise about Tricia Parrent, a mother of SEVEN who's waited years to start deer hunting - and her second time out she bags a record-book ten-point buck. Go, Mom!

And seriously, what's in the water in Michigan? Nine times out of ten, if there's a story out there about a woman or girl hunter, it's out of Michigan. Cali must catch up!

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Anonymous said...

There is a pretty strong hunting tradition in Michigan. Especially in Northern Michigan, which is where Leelanau County is and where I live, a lot of people hunt.